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Unauthorized when logging into Nintex RPA


Unable to log into Nintex RPA. This may or may not happen for multiple machines or users.


Error Code

The user is unauthorized to run Nintex RPA.



Verify the following:


1. Is the machine connected to the company domain? You may need to connect to a VPN if working remotely. You are require to be on your business' domain for Nintex RPA.

2. Is a ping to successful? If not, reach out to your internal IT team to allow traffic to this URL.

3. Can you access the Nintex RPA Central URL from the machine? Verify the URL in RPA Central from the server/machine that RPAC was installed. If not, go to the RPAC server/machine, restart the Nintex RPA service.

4. Is the URL in Nintex RPA correct? When it prompts you to log in, select the gear in the bottom right and verify the URL is correct.

5. Do you have a firewall in place on the machine? Remove/disable the firewall and test again. If this works, contact your internal IT team to add exceptions for the RPAC URL.

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