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Unable to open Nintex Forms in Office 365 on iOS devices.


When opening a Nintex Form in Office 365 on iOS devices, a published Nintex Form fails to load.


  • On your iOS device, navigate to Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security
  • Disable 'Block All Cookies'
  • Disable 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking'

Note: The navigation steps above for iOS 13.x. These steps may vary between different versions of iOS.

Error Code

You may see various messages, such as: "Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found." "Please enable cookies for your browser to use the Form"

Additional Information

  • Cookies created by Nintex Forms for Office 365 are considered Third-Party Cookies.
  • Enabling 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' prevents a device from opening a Nintex Form in SharePoint Online by blocking Third-Party Cookies.
  • Enabling 'Block All Cookies' prevents a device from authenticating into SharePoint Online.
  • As of Safari 13.1, 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' has been enabled by default. If this feature was disabled previously, it may be necessary to disable it again following the Safari 13.1 update.
  • This issue is not unique to iOS or Safari as it can be replicated across various devices and browsers where features to block cookies or third-party cookies are available.

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