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Unable to grant access to workflow user profile error "The app <GUID> does not exists"

When clicking the button "Grant Access To Workflow" as per these instruction, the following error occurs: 
Sorry, something went wrong
The app <GUID> does not exists.
  1. Navigate to the site URL that is going to be trusted. e.g.
  2. Then navigate to the Workflow App ID from the workflow by following the instruction below:
    • Go to Site Setting > Site app permissions.
    • Find the app display name Workflow (Note : NOT NINTEX WORKLFOW).
    • Get the value of App Identifier of the app display name Workflow.
    • The app ID is between ms.sp.ext| and the @ symbol, for example the App Identifier is i:0i.t|ms.sp.ext|23803489e-0e9e-4fc3-a3b3-e2bd7599c5ad@a6f890769-0c2d-46f7-9480-072519e051ed. The App ID is 23803489e-0e9e-4fc3-a3b3-e2bd7599c5ad.
  3. Once we have the URL (step 1) and the App ID (step 2) , we can make a link with this format below:
  4. Now go to the that link and the user will see the standard Trust page to allowing the user to trust workflow engine to access User Profile Service.
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