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The K2 File Attachment Control does not work from within the K2 Workspace App for Android and iOS


You cannot add an attachment to any Smartform from the K2 Workspace mobile App. The File Attachment Control will ask the user to select an attachment but the attachment is not added to the control.


This only happens on the mobile app. When using a PC Browser the File Attachment Control works perfectly as expected.


The client's Infrastructure and Security Teams had to amend the current Content-Security-Policy configuration to allow the K2 Workspace App to execute the required web calls. 


Once the above was done all attachments now work as expected in the K2 Workspace App. 

Additional Information

After a lengthy investigation from the Nintex Development Team it was seen that the client had some very specific Security policies and Content-Security-Policy settings which were causing this issue in the K2 Workspace App. 


The K2 Workspace App needs to access the below URL's when using the K2 File Attachment Control. These calls are all done in the backend and will not be visible in a normal browser Network Trace:





In this case the clients Content-Security-Policy configuration was blocking these calls from executing successfully. 

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