Recipient does not receive a Task Notification when a Task is redirected to them

Recipient does not receive a Task Notification when a Task is redirected to them

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New recipients do not receive a Task Notification for a task redirected to them by a Workflow Admin.

This is because the users' (the one redirecting from the K2 Management Task List but is not a K2 Server Admin) claim still flows through and a Workflow Server Admin rights check is done against the claim and fails. If a Server Admin performs a redirection from the Task List, then notifications are sent out.


When a Workflow Admin redirects the task from the Task List on K2 Management, you will see the errors below on the K2 host server logs:

User K2:{Domain}\{UserName} does not have Administrator rights.

61007 Permanent failure sending message {Task Notification Subject}: System.FormatException: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.


You may consider the following options to get around the issue:

  1. Enable/Fix the K2 Claims to Windows Token Service*
    1. Stop the K2 Service.
    2. Stop the K2 Claims To Windows Token Service.
    3. Go to .../K2/Token Service/Bin.
    4. Make a backup of the K2TokenService.exe.config.
    5. Edit this file on any text editor.
    6. Look for: <allowedCallers>
    7. If there are no users within <allowedCallers> please add (a) the K2 Service account (eg. DENALLIX\K2Service) and also your Runtime Application Pool account (eg. DENALLIX\K2WebService).
         <clear />
         <add value="DENALLIX\K2Service" />
         <add value="DENALLIX\K2WebService" />
    8. Save the file.
    9. Start the K2 Claims To Windows Token Service.
    10. Start the K2 Service.
  2. Redirect the task as a user with Server Admin rights
  3. Redirect the task from K2 Workspace or through a worklist control.

*This is only applicable to AD users on K2 Five. If you are on K2 Cloud, please follow either #2 or #3.

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