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'OData operation or is not supported' error message when using Quick Search


On a List View that is tied to a SharePoint SmartObject with filtering enabled (quick search bar on the top of list view), the following error message is received when attempting to use the quick search feature:


"OData operation or is not supported."



The ‘Get List Items’ method is not supported for use with this feature.  Instead, the ‘Get List Items with Options’ method must be used here.  Additionally, all associated controls and rules must be remapped.


Additional Information

This is a known issue involving SharePoint that has to do with the XML being passed through to perform the filtering on the list.  The XML contains an <or> tag, which is not supported.  Changing the method changes how the call is made to filter the data, which eliminates using the unsupported XML tag.  Please note that this is a SharePoint limitation and has been identified by the K2 Developers as expected behavior.

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