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Nintex Forms Rules Referencing Choice Control Options Not Properly Responding


When using Nintex Forms Choice Control and creating rules that reference the choices, the rules do not properly respond when editing the form.


Ensure that the choice reference in the associated rule is the exact same string as the choice options listed in the control.


Additional Information

Choices: Sales, Marketing, IT, Support
- Notice that there is a space after every comma, thus the rule needs to be written with the white space.

Condition != 'Sales'
Condition != ' Marketing'
Condition != ' IT'
Condition != ' Support'

Choices: Sales,Marketing,IT,Support
-Alternatively this is how rules should look with no white space in the choice control.

Condition != 'Sales'
Condition != 'Marketing'
Condition != 'IT'
Condition != 'Support'

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