Logging Framework Error, MsgID=7497 (Message Not Found)


Message Not Found error logged in the K2 hostserverLog. This is a know issue and in this article we describe the workaround.


"2927739690","2021-03-06 15:52:23","Error","","7497","","ServerDAL.ProcessEvent","7497 Logging Framework Error, MsgID=7497 (Message Not Found)","anonymous","","SERVERNAME:C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin","2927739690","4827b3705311496da901c7a7d7e8c55c",""


1) Edit the following file:
[INSTALLDIR]\Host Server\Bin\HostServerLogging.config
2) Search for MsgID="7498"
3) Add the following just before that message node:

<Message MsgID="7497" Severity="Error" Category="14" Name="General">
Timeout error

4) Restart K2 Service



Additional Information

This is a known issue and will be fixed in K2 Five 5.5 Scheduled to release in 2021.


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