K2 blackpearl 4.6.6 (4.12060.1560.0) Known Issues List


K2 blackpearl 4.6.6 (4.12060.1560.0) Known Issues List

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The following issues are currently known for the K2 blackpearl 4.6.6 (4.12060.1560.0) and include workarounds where possible.


Known Issues

K2 Wizards

  • SharePoint Lists and Library Event wizard: When using a Data Field to populate the Template Type value in the SharePoint Lists and Library Event wizard, the value is not updated in Runtime if the list type changes between Lists, for example, Custom List and Document Library.  
The SharePoint Lists and Libraries Event wizard must be rerun, when the template type is changed, as an additional configuration screen is displayed depending on the choice made between making use of a List or a Library.
  • Grid lines: When a Windows 7 desktop theme is used, the colours of text inside lists and grids in the K2 wizards may adopt the theme’s colours.
  • Code Reference Event Wizard: Array types are not supported by the Code Reference Event Wizard. For example, when a method returns an array the wizard handles it as an instance.
With XML fields simply send the containing element and use an XmlDocument/XDocument in your code. For example:
In the following XML structure:
  • XmlDocument
    • Users
      • User
      • User
Make use of the ‘Users’ element, this will send the XML from ‘Users’ down as a string to the code.
  • Word Document Event wizard: After installing K2 4.6 when K2 Designer for Visual Studio is opened the Word Document Event wizard might not display in the toolbox.
Right-click on the toolbox and select "Reset Toolbox".
  • E-mail Event type: When creating a simple E-mail event and specifying the type of mail to HTML, once an instance is started so that the user can receive the mail and view the source of the mail the HTML in the mail is incorrectly displayed. The E-mail event puts extra span and inline css tags in the HTML body of the e-mail. If the user tries to embed custom HTML in the body then these tags can cause the user’s HTML not to render.



  • After upgrading from K2 blackpearl 4.5 an error may occur on existing Process Portal SharePoint sites if the user only has Contribute SharePoint rights for the site.  The error occurs on the landing page of the K2 Worklist web part of a Process Portal site and states the following:

“A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. You don't have Add and Customize Pages permissions required to perform this action.”


To resolve this issue a SharePoint account with at least Design rights is required to first open the Process Portal in question.  From that point onwards the user with only Contribute rights will be able to see the Worklist web part.
  • Upgrading environments that make use of custom wizards in the K2 Designer for SharePoint can either add the setting back to the web.config file or update the version of the file to avoid errors. For more information on updating the version of the file view the Developer Reference > Extending the K2 Platform > Creating a Wizard for K2 Designer for SharePoint topic in the K2 documentation.


  • Configuration analysis tool: The warning on K2 for SharePoint Resource Files node in Configuration analysis tool reports that the 'k2configadmin.resx' files in 'App_GlobalResources' folder are not copied when they are actually present on the machine.
  • When K2 is installed with CRM 4 or without CRM when running the reconfigure from the start menu (start>All Program> K2 blackpearl> K2 blackpearl Setup Manager) and CRM 2011 is selected K2 does not GAC the CRM 2011 assemblies.
Run the reconfigure from the source media or manually GAC the CRM 2011 redistributable files found in the K2 installer source media folder:  Redist\CRM 2011. The required assemblies are microsoft.crm.sdk.proxy.dll and microsoft.xrm.sdk.dll.


  • The EventInstance element of a WorklistItem node, when serialized, only contains ActivityInstanceDestination data.
  • Worklist Filtering:When filtering on the Worklist using the K2 Services or the Worklist Client API it is not possible to filter on the following data types:
    • Double
    • Decimal
    • DateTime



  • SmartObject Services: The SmartObject Services Http errors do not surface in the K2 server console.
  • Duplicate SmartObject: Upgrading environments that have existing SmartObjects created from SharePoint Lists and Libraries will result in duplicate SmartObjects if the internal name differs from the display name or the name contains a space; as a new SmartObject will be generated during the upgrade.

K2 People Picker control

  • Clicking the K2 People Picker control results in the error “Only PickerDialog types can be used with the dialog. The type should be configured as a safecontrol in this site.”
Cause: The K2 for SharePoint Web Application Configuration feature is not activated.
Workaround: Browse to the Manage Web Application Features page from the SharePoint Central Administration Manage Web Applications page, and then select the web application and click Manage Features in the ribbon. Then find and activate the K2 for SharePoint Web Application Configuration feature.
Additional Details: It is possible that the feature is installed but not activated. Activating the feature resolves the error and registers the type as a safe control. The K2 People Picker control is used on the Process Approval section of the Activate All K2 Features and K2 Configuration Settings page in SharePoint Central Administration.


Claims Authentication

  • After a K2 Designer for SharePoint process has been deployed and Claims Based Authentication with ADFS is being used, the user will be required to log in again when creating a new item in the List or Library.
  • When Claims Based Authentication with ADFS is used and K2 Designer for SharePoint is open and the same base URL is selected the user will be prompted again for their log in details.
  • When opening the Instantiation or Task page to manually start a K2 process and then signing in as a different user for example a Forms user; you are redirected to the login page and the original query string is truncated resulting in an error on the page. Workaround: Close the Internet Explorer session, logon as the correct user and open the task.


  • Configure Credentials in K2 Designer for SharePoint will only work in the following configured scenarios:
    • Classic Site where a SharePoint Login is AD and the   cache is AD
    • Claims (Forms Authentication) Site where a SharePoint Login is AD and the   cache is AD
    • Claims (ADFS) Site where a SharePoint Login is AD and the cache is AD


It is known not to work in the following scenarios:

  • Claims (Forms Authentication) Site where a SharePoint Login is AD and the cache is Forms
  • Claims (Forms Authentication) Site where a SharePoint Login is Forms and the cache is AD
  • Claims (ADFS) Site where a SharePoint Login is AD and the cache is ADFS
  • Claims (ADFS) Site where a SharePoint Login is ADFS and the cache is AD
  • Claims (Forms Authentication) Site where a SharePoint Login is Forms and the cache is Forms
  • Claims (ADFS) Site where a SharePoint Login is ADFS and the cache is ADFS



  • The K2 blackpearl 4.6.6 installer caters for servers that are not connected to a domain and will automatically revert to SQLUM. However, the Viewflow component does not function in a non-AD installation using SQLUM.
Option one: Uninstall Silverlight and Viewflow will function as expected. However, it is important to note that Silverlight is required by certain other K2 components.
Option two (Recommended): Force the Viewflow to use Ajax instead of Silverlight by following these steps:



Exchange Integration


  • Exchange Integration configuration: When configuring the Exchange integration in the K2 Setup Manager for an environment that will use Exchange Online with SmartActions enabled, the mail address specified for the SmartActions must be the same address as the one specified for the K2 Service account on the Exchange Server Configuration screen. If the mail addresses differ the following error will be displayed, “The user account which was used to submit this request does not have the right to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account”.
  • Escalation mails: When deploying pre K2 blackpearl 4.6.5 workflows either in the K2 designers or using K2 Package and Deployment in a clean Exchange Online environment, the E-mail event and mail Escalations will fail with a timeout exception and the workflows will go into an error state
Update the Design Templates and redeploy the workflow.
  • Exchange Integration: In an environment that has Exchange 2007 when configuring the K2 Studio Exchange Event, the K2 Server might stops functioning when creating a new Mailbox when the Exchange Service instance is set to impersonate.
Ensure that Update Rollup 10 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 is installed.
  • Exchange Meeting SmartObject: When using the Get Specific Time method on the Exchange Meeting SmartObject, no conflicts are returned when the SmartObject is configured to point to a Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. However, when pointing to an Exchange 2007 Server, the conflicts are returned as expected. K2 is currently working with Microsoft to resolve this issue.


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