K2 Ideas Update

K2 Ideas Update

The community of K2 users is a vital part of the success of the platform, and K2 Ideas has been an incredible way for us to get feedback directly from customers and partners. With the large number of Ideas that have been contributed over the past few years, we want to make sure that we’re considering those Ideas that will have the greatest potential impact to all our customers. This document describes the different stages that a K2 Idea could go through from original submission to a shipping feature within the platform. 

After an Idea is submitted, the Idea will remain in a Submitted status for up to 90 days. During this period, the Ideas system will wait until the Idea has garnered a minimum of 20 votes by the community, before moving the Idea to a different status. 

  • Ideas that have at least 20 votes will move to Future Consideration. This status indicates that the Idea is something we plan to focus on from a roadmap perspective and have forecasted to end up in the core platform.  At this point, we don't have an estimate on when or how this Idea we result in a feature but it is a good indicator to users that the Idea is moving in that direction.
  • Ideas that have not obtained the minimum number of votes within the first 90 days will move to Not Planned status. This status indicates that this Idea is not something that we have current plans to invest in going forward; however, should an Idea in Not Planned obtain the minimum number of votes at any point in the future, we will re-evaluate this Idea and its future within the platform.

Common Questions

Q. What does this mean for my Idea currently? 
A. Starting in March 2020, if your Idea (or another Idea that you believe in) is in a status such as Submitted or Future Consideration and doesn’t currently have 20 minimum votes, it will be moved to Not Planned
Q. What happens to my Idea if it doesn’t receive 20 or more votes? 
A: Ideas that do not receive 20 or more votes in a 90-day period will be moved to a status of Not Planned. However, Ideas in this status can continue to receive votes and we will periodically review Ideas in this status for potential re-evaluation. 
Q. Why does this process exist? 
A: If an Idea does not receive 20 or more votes, we feel like it may not be directly aligned to the core focus of the K2 platform or that of our end users.   While it is still a good Idea, it may not be a good Idea for K2 to focus on next. The intent of this effort is to focus the Future Consideration bucket and use that as the source for K2 platform innovation and changes in the future.  
Q: What does the Not Planned status mean? 
A: Not Planned is a status for Ideas that we haven’t considered focusing on in the platform before and also haven’t garnered the votes to land in Future Consideration. As we mentioned, when an Idea in the Not Planned status receives the requisite number of votes it will be moved to Future Consideration or another appropriate status. 

Next Steps

To get started reviewing your Ideas, visit the K2 Ideas portal and select  My Ideas as a filter on the right (just under the Add a new Idea button). From here you can see all your Ideas, the number of votes and what status they are in.   
Next, if you have Ideas that don’t have enough votes to remain in the Future Consideration status but you feel they should remain there – get the word out! Have other team members or K2 customers review and help get the vote number up! 
If you have any questions about these changes, or with the Ideas process please review the K2 Ideas Guide or email us at ideas@k2.com.  

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