K2 Connect - slowness on connection test and SmartObjects execution


K2 Connect - slowness on connection test and SmartObjects execution

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One of the K2 Connect environments is very slow to connect to the same SAP instance while another K2 Connect environment connects fast to the same SAP instance. Connection slowness is observed even during the Test Connection operation.


The call performed on the Test Connection stage is a direct call to SAP using ERPConnect and calling RFC_PING BAPI - so there is almost no interference or any processing from the K2 side at this stage, but at this stage K2 does enumerate and try to contact K2 connect server(s) listed in the dbo.Servers table in K2 Connect database.

Test Connection slowness can also occur in the following scenario:

- You changed your K2 Connect server name or moved your K2 Connect server to a different machine and your K2 Connect database still have reference to the server which no longer exist on the network.
- In such a situation problems may occur due to the DNS resolving latency (whether you will notice it depends on  your network configuration).
- This problem will occur only if a non-existing K2 Connect server name is not reachable and cannot be resolved on the network.
In such a scenario you just need to remove references to the non-existing K2 Connect server from the [K2Connect].[dbo].[Servers] table.

There is also a related fix which changes K2 Connect server names resolution logic to eliminate performance problems which may surface on K2 Connect service startup or SAP SmO executions (internal fix ID 858374). This fix is included in K2 connect for SAP 4.7.2 (4.10060.900.0) and K2 connect for SAP 5.0 and also available as an isolated fix for 4.6.11.


Remove references to the no longer existing K2 Connect server from the [K2Connect].[dbo].[Servers] table.

Additionally, you may want to ensure that you run K2 connect 4.7.2 or newer or, in case of K2 4.6.11 obtain and apply isolated fix 858374.

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