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Insufficient Privileges Error When Running Report


When running a document package, the following error occurs:

MustAuthorize Error.


  1. Disable Connected Apps and OAuth or change the connected app settings so users may self-authorize.
  2. Add the user profile or permission sets under the user account to Drawloop user, Drawloop Admin, or Drawloop user-Salesforce. (depending on the read/write/delete level of the account).
  3. As the Salesforce administrator, authorize Drawloop Document Generation.
  4. Verify that the user account has access to the folder or report being run with the document package. 

Error Code

Exception of type 'Drawloop.Platform.Salesforce.Exceptional.MustAuthorizeException' was thrown.

Additional Information

If this is a Community User Issue, also check Sharing Settings.

From Setup "Quick Find" Sharing Settings > DocGen Package: This needs to be set to "Public Read/Write"
                                                                    > DocGen Package Template: This needs to be set to "Public Read/Write"

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