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Installing K2 Five with a Developer License


Installing K2 Five with a Developer License

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When installing K2 Five with a Developer license and with a separate installation account (DENALLIX\K2InstallAccount), the following error occurs:

14:25:35:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: FileName: C:\Program Files\K2\\Setup\Management.kspx
14:25:35:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: ConnectionString: Integrated=False;IsPrimaryLogin=True;Authenticate=True;EncryptedPassword=False;SecurityLabelName=K2SQL;;Port=5555;UserID=System;Password={randomguid}
14:25:35:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Run command: Create command: Deploy-Package 'C:\Program Files\K2\\Setup\Management.kspx' -ConnectionString 'Integrated=False;IsPrimaryLogin=True;Authenticate=True;EncryptedPassword=False;SecurityLabelName=K2SQL;;Port=5555;UserID=System;Password={randomguid}' -NoAnalyze with config file: ''
14:25:35:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Start Invoke Powershell...
14:25:35:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: PowerShell object state changed: Running
14:25:35:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Warning: No configuration file found for this Deployment Package.
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Error: SourceCode.Authorization.Interfaces.UnauthorizedActionException: K2:DENALLIX\K2InstallAccount cannot perform View on Category Object.
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.RemoteCall(String TypeName, String MethodName, Object[] Parameters, Boolean[] NullList, MarshalMessageType CallType)
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: at SourceCode.Deployment.Management.PackageDeploymentManager.GetCategoriesAndDataWithoutRights(Boolean throwExceptionIfAny)
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: at SourceCode.Deployment.PowerShell.DeployPackage.ProcessRecord()
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: activity: status description
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Complete: Done!
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: PowerShell object state changed: Completed
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Powershell exited. State: Completed
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.DataRecieved: Deploy package utility done.
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.Execute: Deployment complete: Exit code: 1
14:25:36:>> DeployPackage.Execute: End deploy Package
14:25:36:>> Component.ExecuteTarget: Logged Error: Target did not complete successfully: Management.kspx

14:25:56:>> Target.Execute: Process target: AuthorizationPostDeployment

14:25:56:>> ActionGroup.Execute: Start Action Group: AuthorizationPostDeployment, sub actions: 1
14:25:56:>> ActionGroup.Execute: ActionCondition Valid = True
14:25:56:>> ActionGroup.Execute: Running sub action: BreakObjectInheritance
14:25:56:>> Target.Execute: Process target: BreakInheritanceOnAdminPermissionSmartObject
14:25:56:>> AuthorizationBase.Execute: Start BreakObjectInheritance 'BreakInheritanceOnAdminPermissionSmartObject'
14:25:56:>> Target.GetValue: Return 'ObjectId': '{randomguid}'
14:25:56:>> ConnectionHelper.GetServerInstance: Create 'BaseAPI' instance using 'Integrated=False;IsPrimaryLogin=True;Authenticate=True;EncryptedPassword=False;SecurityLabelName=K2SQL;;Port=5555;UserID=System;Password={randomguid}'
14:25:56:>> ConnectionHelper.GetServerInstance: Create 'AuthorizationClient' instance using ConnectionContext
14:25:56:>> AuthorizationBase.Execute: Logged Error: Failed: SourceCode.Authorization.Interfaces.EntityNotFoundException: The with the ID '{randomguid}' could not be found.
at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.RemoteCall(String TypeName, String MethodName, Object[] Parameters, Boolean[] NullList, MarshalMessageType CallType)
at SourceCode.Authorization.Client.AuthorizationClient.DoSessionCall(String method, Object[] parameters)
at SourceCode.Install.Package.Actions.Authorization.AuthorizationBase.BreakObjectInheritance(Guid objectID, InheritanceRightOption option)
at SourceCode.Install.Package.Actions.Authorization.BreakObjectInheritance.ExecuteTarget(ITarget target)
at SourceCode.Install.Package.Actions.Authorization.AuthorizationBase.Execute(ITarget target)
14:25:56:>> AuthorizationBase.Execute: Finish BreakObjectInheritance 'BreakInheritanceOnAdminPermissionSmartObject'. Successful: False


Installation with a non-Developer license as a separate installation account is successful.

Installation with a Developer license, but with the k2 service account is successful.

This was recognized as an issue and a new installer was released that introduced a change in behavior to prevent this particular installation scenario.


1. Download and use the new K2 Five installer (5.0001.1000.1) that is available.


"Installation: When installing K2 with a Developer license, and installing with an account that was not an allocated K2 user raised permission errors during deployment of packages. The K2 Setup Manager UI has been enhanced to guide you to make use of the correct accounts."


2. When installing with a Developer license, the 'K2 Service Account' option will be grayed out and will pick up the context of the current account performing the installation; as such install with the 'K2 Service Account' if using a Developer license.


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