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Error "Your license is not valid for this version of Nintex Forms..."

When upgrading either Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013, the following error occurs during the upgrade process:

Your license is not valid for this version of Nintex Forms 2010. Please contact to obtain a new license.
  1. Import a Standard Nintex Forms into your SharePoint environment. For more information, see Import and export licenses.
  2. Re-run the Nintex Forms upgrade process with the Standard license in place. 
  3. After the upgrade has completed, import the Enterprise license to gain access to the Enterprise Forms features.
Note: To obtain a Standard Nintex Forms license, email for a trial license file.
This issue results from a change in the Nintex license file schema related to Enterprise licensing and will only be encountered when upgrading from Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2010 version or older, or Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 version or older. Once this process has been completed, and the environment is on a build newer than or, this process will not need to be repeated on future updates to Nintex Forms.
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