Error "The selected state _base does not exist on the server" when deploying a K2 package


When deploying a "legacy workflow" from one environment to another, you may run into a deployment issue, with the following error: The selected state _base does not exist on the server


To get past the issue, please install K2 Five (5.4) FP31 or later.


Additional Information

When we run through the client events on the legacy workflow, we noticed that the "Create New State" radio button was selected, even though there are valid states that has been selected in the past. Some of the errors were addressed by simply selecting the appropriate state, deploying the workflow, and creating a new package, but there were 2 client events where the issue persisted. 




This issue was cause by a bug in the product, and was addressed in K2 FIve (5.4) FP31.

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