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Error "Insufficient Privileges" in Document Queue

In the document queue, when opening files created with another user account, the following error might occur:

Insufficient privileges
  1. Create a new folder. For more information, see Creating and Editing Folders in Salesforce Help.
  2. Add the folder Id to the 'queue folder Id' field on the delivery option. 
Step 1: Navigate to Document Queue Delivery Option
Step 2: Click green arrow on right side
Step 3: Hit Edit Layout
Step 4: Drag Queue Folder Id onto the page layout 
Step 5: Create a new folder, ensure both users have access to the folder 
Step 6: Copy the folder ID and paste it into the newly added field. 


Also, confirm that the user has "Read" permissions to the Document object
When a queue folder Id is not specified, the document will be placed in the “My Personal Documents” folder of the user that generated the file. This means that the any other user that tries to merge the document will not be able to do so.
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