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Error message: OleDbConnection is Null or Closed


If this message is received, OleDbConnection is Null or Closed, when importing data, this could be the result of one of two scenarios:


  • An older version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 is installed.


  • The 64-bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 is installed.

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Foxtrot is a 32-bit application that uses a helper app called Foxtrot64 to interact with 64-bit systems. The 32-bit version of the Microsoft Access database engine 2016 is needed to work with Foxtrot64. 


When upgrading Foxtrot to newer versions, MS Access Database Engine 2010 or MS Access Database Engine 2016, 64-bit version will need to be uninstalled first. The installer will not uninstall either version of Access Database Engine, but it will automatically install the 32-bit version of MS Access Database Engine 2016 when another version is not already installed.


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