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Email Error 5


Rather than using an installed email client on your computer, Foxtrot uses your SMTP server to send emails, and your IMAP server to receive emails. In order to do so, both the configuration on the server side, and the email preferences in Foxtrot need to be set appropriately.

Error 5 indicates that the server itself is rejecting the connection. There are a variety of different errors within error 5 that can occur:
  • Response Code 4.3.2 indicates that the queue has been stopped and cannot deliver messages at this time
  • 5.7.57 SMTP; Client was not authorized to send anonymous email during MAIL FROM.
  • 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated
  • Failure sending mail.
  • The operation has timed out.


For all of these codes and error messages, there are a few basic things to check. Within your project’s email connection:
  • If you require authentication, verify your email and password are correct. Keep in mind your email login may be different from your Windows login information.
  • Check your SMTP server and IMAP server information. Ensure the server address, port and SSL option are correct.
If after checking everything within your project is correct you are still receiving an error message, it is time to reach out to your IT department. They will need to verify the following the following:
  • On your workstation, make sure there are no virus scanners or firewalls preventing emails from being sent through 3rd party applications.
  • On the SMTP server, check that 3rd party programs are capable of sending emails. If not all, Foxtrot RPA should be on a “whitelist” of allowed programs to send emails.
  • On the SMTP server, make sure the workstation that the action is failing on is allowed to send emails
  • On the SMTP server, ensure the Windows login that the action is failing on is allowed to send emails.

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