EDMX Error when creating a OData Service Instance


When creating an OData Service Instance to an outside web service, the following error is seen. The row and character number may differ. 


"VALIDATIONEncountered the following errors when parsing the EDMX document: UnexpectedXmlElement : The element 'edmx:Edmx' was unexpected for the root element. The root element should be Edmx. : (1, 40)".


Depending on the OData Service K2 is connecting to, there may be a need to pass a Default Request header with Logins or any number of things required by the OData Service. The error above is a generic error pointing to incorrect configuration. The following should be checked.


- Default Header does not have any syntax issues.

- The correct username and password are being passed. 

- What properties the OData Service is expecting and making sure they are in the Header. 


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