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Drawloop – Service Console and DocGen Package with Form Steps not loading


When using the Service Console or Lightning Console - Custom redirect behavior does not create a sub-tab causing DocGen Form Steps to refresh the Console instead of loading the expected Forms.


Note: This would occur for any redirects such as Email preview or Embedded Signing.

Below is the solution for all but specifies the Form Step Use-Case:


Drawloop DocGen is designed to work in the service console in a sub-tab as pictured below. This behavior can be seen with our standard URL button:

Drawloop Form _ Salesforce-001260.png


If redirecting via custom code and not specifying a subtab behavior – the console will refresh rather than load the Form Step interface. 

Drawloop _ Salesforce-001259.png


Error Code

None - The Console refreshes after clicking run 



Additional Information

  • Form Steps are currently not supported in the Lightning Component.
  • Please post any additional use case functionality on our Uservoice page.


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