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Drawloop - SOQL Tag not populating in document or Field Tagger


SOQL Tags containing an Aggregate or Group By function are not populating in the document or Field Tagger.


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This can be worked around by including an alias for the reference field.
Example: Alias = "RecipientName"


SELECT Recipient__r.Name RecipientName FROM Opportunity GROUP BY Recipient__r.Name


  • With no field alias: <<Signer1.Recipient_Name>> - This may not populate data.
  • With the field alias: <<Signer1_RecipientName>> - This will populate as expected.


Steps to Manage going forward:
1. Create an alias for the SOQL field. Ex: "Name" or "Recipient"
Salesforce Documentation:

2. Create an alias on the Relationship - "Signer1"
3. Then the Tag logic would be <<Signer1_{AliasFieldName}>> ; <<Signer1_RecipientName>>
4. Note that aliased fields may not show in the field tagger but can be used following the above logic.


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