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Drawloop - Error "Found a Begin FieldChar but no End!"


When running a document package, the following error might occur:

Found a Begin FieldChar but no End!



1. Verify all merge fields and tags in the document. For example:

IF Formula had quotes that were not used correctly

     Ex: IF “>” = value “sentence” sentence    
     Correct ex: IF “>” = “value” “sentence” “sentence”

Field tags were not correctly inputted

     Ex: >”)

Bad merge fields

Replace the bad merge fields.

2. When testing, If there are more than 1 document in the DDP, you will need to Clone the DDP and remove all the documents and test 1 at a time.
This error occurs when compiling the DDP. We do not know what document the issue occurs on.

3. This can also occur if a Text box is off the page.


Additional Information

This usually indicates that there are bad merge fields or tags in the document.


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