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Does RPA require Active Directory?


When installing RPA, please note that in the Pre-Installation Checklist under Review domain requirements, it states: 

  • All machines with a Nintex Bot and Nintex RPA Central component must be joined, part of, and connected to an Active Directory Domain Services domain and not as a workgroup.



Additional Information

There are no workarounds to this requirement. If your company's environment does not meet these requirements, a Microsoft VM could be used with active directory installed on it. 


Overview of RPA Central Domain support

  • Which do we support?
    • AAD - Azure Active Directory?
      • NO
      • This is a Cloud service that resides natively in Azure (NOT on an Azure VM)
      • It is intended to manage Cloud applications. There is NO Group Policy and you can't join a Server or VMs to it.
      • User permissions are given to Cloud applications directly (instead of machines).
    • AADDS - Azure Active Directory Domain Services?
      • YES
      • This must be deployed on an Azure VM.
      • This is better suited to manage On-Prem servers and applications. It is the traditional on-prem Active Directory that is deployed on an Azure VM Domain controller.
      • You can also add Group Policy and client VMs to join it.
    • Active Directory?
      • YES
      • This is for traditional on-prem Domain Servers and networks





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