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DateTime control doesn't correctly evaluate date value that do not exactly match date-format of site locale


DateTime Calculated value control evaluates to current date. If it happens that a date value is entered into DateTime control that doesn't exactly match date-format pattern of the locale of the site, then the referenced calculated value control's evaluates to incorrect date. The input might be in a format that can be be recognized as a date, so the control accepts (and validates) the input, however, the value evaluates to current date. 



Update to the latest version of the product. This has been fixed on May - 2018.


If there is no time to update, then the workaround is to ensure that there is a space between, days, months and years when entering a date value Nintex form in a site with Slovak locale. Alternatively pick a date from the date control.

09. 01. 2018 instead of 09.01.2018


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