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Changes to Botflow Do Not Save


When you have an existing botflow and you make changes to it, save it, close out RPA and reopen, if the changes do not save, it may be due to the way the botflow was brought in to RPA in the first place. 


RPA saves your botflows to a repository located on your local computer in an encrypted file. 

Error Code

No error received.



If you have an existing botflow and you want to bring it in to RPA on a different machine:

- Export botflow from the original machine

- Use the Open Botflow button



- On the next page, click Import on the bottom left



- Alternatively, you can use the import function in the menu at the top of the bot




**Please note: If you double click on the exported botflow, it will open it as normal, but your changes will be saved to the repository mentioned above. If you open the botflow from the Open File menu in the bot, you will receive the updated botflow. RPA will not write the changes to the exported botflow you have saved. 


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