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Bot Request for Access does not show up in RPA Central


When trying to add a bot, the user checks the URL in the gear on the bottom right of the Bot and makes sure it matches the URL for RPA Central. Then clicks "Request Access" and the request never makes it to RPA Central. 


Error Code

There may not be ab error code. 



  1. If this is a new install, please restart the RPA Central machine and the Bot machine. We have seen some strange behavior recently that a restart resolves. 
  2. Take the URL in the Bot and paste it in a browser on the bot machine and see if it brings you to RPA Central. If not, you may get an error which can tell you what is wrong or you should check your connections, including certificate and firewall. 
  3. If you are not seeing the access request in RPA Central, go to your Task Manager and check to see if the RPAStarter is running for the user session. The request for access will never be sent to RPA Central if RPAStarter is not running. If RPAStarter is not running, close the bot and relaunch. If this doesn't launch RPAStarter, go to your services and restart Nintex RPA Central service and then Nintex Bot service and all of them should start. Depending on the state of your machine, any or all of the above can be running. But for the Access Request to be sent, RPAStarter needs to be running.
  4. If all the above are correct, uninstall and reinstall the Bot. 


Additional Information

When the machine is first booted and RPA Bot is launched, you should see Foxtrot64, Nintex Bot, and RPA Starter in the Task Manager. The first time a browser is opened and navigated to a page, Nintex RPA Chromium Channel should start if it didn't start already when you launched the Bot.

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