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Attachment Control on Nintex Forms for O365 does not accept attachments

When a Nintex Form uses the Attachment Control, and a user goes to add an attachment, the control will not load as expected.


Before adding attachment
Before adding attachment


After adding attachment (Issue)
After adding attachment (BROKEN)


After adding attachment (Expected)
After adding attachment (NORMAL)
  • Check to see if there are any rules on this form.  If so check if there are duplicated rules (same formulas).  This issue is caused by inserted references being copy/pasted to the formula instead of being properly inserted by double clicking the desired references on the sidebar.
  • Check to see if there are any calculated value control on this form. If so check if the formula of the calculated value controls are written correctly.  This issue is caused when assigned a formula to one of the item properties with Equal sign (==). Equal sign is only use if there is comparison between 2 values. 
When references are copy/pasted instead of properly inserted, the unique ID for the control is not properly stored in the XML and thus may cause adverse effects.  In this instance, it broke the Attachment control, but could potentially be responsible in breaking other controls.
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