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Nintex Newbie

Visible field based on dropdown selection? (w/ multiple right options)

I have a dropdown selector with 6 choices (AR, BR, CO, MX, CR, US ).


If the User selects "MX" or "CR" or "US" I like to specific field become visible.  If the other options "AR" / "CO" / "BR" are selected, will be hidden.


I'm do it now for only one option "MX" and run with this formula not(contains(Country,"MX")), but I can't achieve for multiple "correct" options, I try with this formulas, but doesn't run. Can you help me please? / It's possible to do that?


  • not(contains(Country,"MX"), or(contains(Country,"CR")))

  • or(not(equals(Country,"MX")),not(equals(Country,"CR")))


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