Using multiple forms in one site


I have 2 individual sites, one keeps records of Contracts and the other keeps records of Legal Issues. Recently I was asked to Merge both the sites so that it can be controlled based on the Area of Expertise (Contracts or Legal) the respective form will load.

I got the concept of views where the person logged in will see only those which he/she has submitted, so if i can manage both the Forms as Web Parts - first based on the Area of Expertise the form will load and in open cases it will show only those records that of the active user logged.


The Second challenge is when the Admin is logged he/she needs to see all the records - Open, Closed, Cancelled.

The data is in 2 tables, with few fields in common, the record id would be unique but naturally.

Need help in understanding how to get the 2 forms active and the data view for all the records categorized - Contracts | Legal

Thank you in Advance.


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