Retrieve separate student info based on parent code in Nintex form using list lookup


I am trying to create a Nintex responsive form that when a parent enters their parent code it returns the children's info like Name, Surname, Year Level. Firstly I was hoping the People Picker will be perfect as it connects to our AD but then I want it to populate student details across text fields using the List Lookup and the lists that I have created in Sharepoint. It seems the People Picker is limited to just collecting the parents name as recorded in AD as they enter their parent code. The text controls didn't work for me either when I created Rules as it didn't connect specifically to say the Name Text - Short control and Surname Text - Short controls etc.

I instead used Labels and a Variable formula to get the data and it worked- see screenshot 1. However I am currently using a Dropdown as the only way to do a List Lookup which displays all the parent codes- I only want parents to enter their own code and not see other parents code- see screenshot 2. I tried using the People Picker but limited as I can't do I lookup to the list in Sharepoint?


Another query I have is if parents have multiple children I need the label group to show the next child details automatically based on the parent code as I can simply create a rule to show the next child group labels. I prefer using Repeat Sections if they have more children and should automatically display the next child details but instead I am getting duplicate details not the next record- see screenshot 3.


It seems the Dropdown menu in Radio buttons works- see screenshot 4 but I need each child's details displayed separately and auto complete so further controls can be connected to each child as each child info can differ. 


Thanks very much for your help.


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