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Nintex Mobile: Favourite a Form Results

Universal Forms research lab is live!

We’re glad you found your way here. This space is for our surveys, polls and tasks to help understand how you use Nintex products and what you need in future. We hope to share with you our findings when we have them compiled. There is much that we’d like to research so we’re excited to be taking this first dip in the ocean.

Nintex Mobile up was up first

With a load of forms in Nintex Mobile app, user frustration can ensue when looking for the one you use the most. Wouldn’t it be great to have those ones bubble up to the top and stay there somehow?

So we asked some of you about being able to favourite a form in Nintex Mobile. And you responded: being able to favourite a form and have it displayed prominently would greatly assist in finding those forms you use on a daily and hourly basis.

Here’s what we proposed:

And the result

 67% of our respondents found this way of favouriting a form exactly as expected. 

Some of the key findings:

 60% of our respondents access a particular form more than once 

 47% of our respondents access a particular form on a daily basis, with a smaller group having to access forms hourly!



Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. Don’t worry if you missed this opportunity. We’ll be identifying other areas of research to uncover insight into how you use our products and the tasks you’re trying to achieve.

Do post your comments below or message Alexis or I directly.