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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

New Resposonsive (SharePoint 2013/2016) - Current limitations

  • Controls not available
    • Button control
      • πŸ—“οΈ  [Planned] Save as draft (Future release)
      • πŸ—“οΈ  [Planned] Redirect (Future release)
    • Calculated value (Recommend using Label control with Variable)
    • Hyperlink (Future release)
    • SQL control - partially complete
  • Choice control limitations
    • πŸ‘· [In development] Choice control does not allow 'Fill-in' choices (Planned for future release)
  • Managed metadata limitations
    • Managed metadata control does not allow 'Fill-in' choices
  • βœ… [Now released] People Picker limitations
    • βœ… Default value property is not available (In development)
  • Repeating section limitations
    • πŸ—“οΈ [Planned] Calculation within a row (Planned for a future release)
    • Does not support File Upload control (Planned for a future release)
    • Does not support Signature control (Planned for a future release)
    • Binding a repeating section to a column and displaying on a Task Form
  • Variables
    • Cannot bind a variable to a SharePoint column (Planned for a future release)
    • βœ… [Now released] Variables calculated on Form mode
  • Rules
    • πŸ‘· [In development] Inline function to trigger a rule (Planned for a future release)
  • Functions not available
    • App created by
    • App modified by
    • Folder child count
    • Item Child Count
    • Nintex Live Forms - Created By
    • Nintex Live Forms - Modified By
    • and
    • currency
    • currentRowNumber
    • equals
    • greaterThan
    • greaterThanOrEqual
    • inArray
    • lessThan
    • lessThanOrEqual
    • βœ… lookup (Partially supported)
      • Lookup to Managed Metadata, People, Lookup columns are not supported.
      • βœ… [Now released] Lookup will now query across site collections within then tenant 
      • Lookup function is not supported on Nintex Mobile
    • or
    • rows
    • userEquals
    • And
    • Currency
    • DoesMemberExistInAudience
    • Equals
    • GreaterThan
    • GreaterThanOrEqual
    • IsCurrentUser
    • βœ… [Now released] IsMemberOfGroup
    • LessThan
    • lessThanOrEqual
    • Or
    • XmlDecode
    • XmlEncode
  • Rich text
    • Does not allow images (Planned for future release)
    • Does not allow coloured text (Planned for future release)
    • Does not allow background colour (Planned for future release)
  • Designer
    • Cannot create a column from the designer (Depending on feedback)
  • βœ… [Now released] Nintex Mobile is not supported
  • Translations
    • Currently, we are only supporting English. Future will include Japanese for Office365 only.
  • Nintex Forms Web Part
    • The Nintex Forms web part is currently not supported for New Responsive Forms.
  • πŸ‘· [In development] File Upload control
    • Files that are uploaded outside of the form will not appear on the form. This is due to the File Upload control not supporting a 'default File Upload control' to behave as a catch-all control (Planned for future release).
  • Multipage
    • Cannot hide pages (This is currently under consideration but not scheduled. Please vote on this page if you would like to see this feature here)
    • Cannot conditionally build logic into Next/Previous buttons
  • Publishing APIs
    • The publishing APIs currently do not support New Responsive forms
  • Task Forms designer is not supported in IE at this time. Only Chrome.
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Nintex Newbie

Re: New Resposonsive (SharePoint 2013/2016) - Current limitations

Awesome list.
One update: The January 2020 release of Nintex for O365 now supports the function IsMemberOfGroup
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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: New Resposonsive (SharePoint 2013/2016) - Current limitations

Good catch @v-tmasenko. You're one step ahead of me!


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