Disable fields based on multiple fields selection

Hello All,

I have a responsive form where i want to disable some fields when its submitted and also based on two other dropdown fields.

The below formula is good for locking the form to a group.

fn-Or(Is New Mode,fn-IsMemberOfGroup("SP Group")) this works but need to add more to it like when field "Request Status" is Completed. Tried adding to above formula "&&Request Status=="Completed". But didn't work, can anyone suggest solution to this.

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Re: Disable fields based on multiple fields selection

Using the new Responsive Designer you would do the following:

  1. Create a Boolean variable named Should Disable whose value is:
    (isMemberOfGroup("SP Group") || [Form mode].[Is New mode]) && parseLookup([Form].[Request Status],true)=="Completed"
  2. Create a Rule that references the variable defined in the 1st step:
    if Should Disable is Yes then
      control_1 Read-only Yes
      control_2 Read-only Yes
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