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Confirmation message fires BEFORE form validation


Nintex Forms 2016, responsive form.

Added a Confirmation message to the save button on a form and the form has some fields with validation.  Expected this message to pop up only upon successful save of a valid form.  However, the form can have validation failures and yet, upon clicking the save button the confirmation message pop-up is presented.  Once user clicks "OK" on the confirmation message, they are returned to the form to address the validation errors.


Is there a way to make the confirmation message behave similar to the Redirect URL in that it only fires AFTER the form is valid and saved?


If this is not possible, is there a way to code the formula in a rule to test whether the form is valid, such that I can hide the save button control until form valid is true?

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Re: Confirmation message fires BEFORE form validation

Are you using any custom script for validation and showing a pop-up? Please share a screenshot of your form and script if any.

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