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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Challenge #1

In this challenge, assume you have been emailed requirements for a new form. The details are light and no other details have been provided. See if you can create a great looking solution for your customer.

To get started, create a workflow with no actions then set the Connector as Nintex and the Start Event as Form (Advance Preview).


Build a form following the criteria:

  • A heading (using Heading 2)
  • A logo (any image) positioned to the right of the heading
  • "Name" field (Mandatory)
  • "Email" field (Mandatory)
  • "Event name" field (Mandatory)
  • "Event description" field
    • Include brief description on the control stating, “Please provide some details about the event”.
  • "Event type" field (Choice of ‘Birthday, Wedding, Conference’)
    • Must be a single choice
  • "Event date" field
    • Field should be hidden on load.
  • "Is the date flexible?" yes/no control
    • Display as a Toggle
    • [Rule] If state is ‘No’, "Event date" should be visible and mandatory. ‘Event date’ should be hidden on load.
  • "Number of attendees" field
    • Make maximum 100 attendees
  • Adjust the style to include:
    • Font: Times/Times New Roman
    • Highlight: #03a9f4
    • Interface: #616161
    • Field: #f5f5f5
    • Input text: #212121
    • Form: #fffefd
    • Page: #bdbdbd


Change your form to the Nintex style and apply, then change your form back to the styles above and publish your form.


Close the form designer.


Within the workflow, include a ‘Branch by value’ action and update each brand to use the ‘Event type’ and update your branches to use the events specified in your form (‘Birthday, Wedding, Conference’).

Within each branch make a simple email to send the details of the form submitted with the subject of ‘Event type: <Event type variable>. Each variable from the form should be on a new line of the email.


Put the recipient as your own email address and test each branch.


Once the challenge is complete, forward your public web URL to

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Challenge #1


  • Why do image urls have to be https?


  • None


  • Ability to upload image
  • Cancel color change in styles
Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Challenge #1

Thoughts thus far:

  • Designer/Controls
    • Overall the designer is easy to navigate, add new, remove, and move controls around.
    • Want: Ability to add different amount of controls to different columns within the same row. For example, a longer choice control on the left with two controls stacked to the right of it.
  • Styles
    • This is great to customize the form based on company standards/themes
    • Want: Can we save a style and use it again on other forms? 
  • Rules
    • Easy to add, apply, clone, and  enable/disable
    • Want: Validations - control follows a specific syntax (email address contains "")
Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Challenge #1

Over all very nice and easy to use. I like how clean and modern it looks.

Images...would be nice to have a location to upload form images to within NWC and then we can use that with the Image control. Give users the ability to use an uploaded images or a URL if they have a web one saved.

I would like to have the ability to have a control span 2 columns and a control span 1 column in a 3 column layout for example. In my form I would have liked the logo to NOT take up as much space and then have the ability to have the header text span 3/4 of the top to look nicer.

I like the rules builder. I was able to copy and update a rule, which is nice. I would like the ability to do an OR in the rules so I don't have to create 2 rules to Toggle a control visible/hidden.

The styles builder is a nice addition. I wish I could do something more with this, like save and publish a style so then I don't need to rebuild it for other forms. Could be as simple as a save as... and then it you have the ability to set up your other forms with it. This will save a lot of time.

public form

I check the responsiveness and to me the header should be next to the logo.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Challenge #1

Public Form URL

Forgot to add the link above...

Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Challenge #1

  • Any time I could actively highlight text, I felt like I should be able to type to change it. A time when I expected to be able to do this was when I changed the Heading, and then selected different fonts - I wanted to see how caps / non-caps would look, but I couldn't change the text without exiting that screen.
  • I expected "Apply Styles" to close out the Styles panel - or, I expected the Exit Styles to be in the right hand side.
  • The basic rules are SO EASY TO USE! Love the way you've done this. 
  • Squealing over the ability to change colours so easily. Also automatic variables. Very excited. 
  • Wish we could save a particular style so it would become a default brand.
  • Question: "Change your form to the Nintex style and apply, then change your form back to the styles above and publish your form." -- why did you make us do this!? Was something supposed to happen other than me needing to fill out all the hexes again?
  • Would love to be able to automatically upload images into this dang thing. 
  • My favourite part was when the variables in the rules automatically updated even if I changed the names of them. 
  • As an aside, I found the email creator in NWC kind of awkward, variable wise. I really wanted - in my hearts of hearts - for the variable panel to just .... stay there.
  • I agree with Ben Stori‌ RE: being able to controls span 1 - 4 columns as required. In my example below, I really wanted my Event Type to just span 1 column and my description to span 3. 
  • I'd also like to have a "after you submit the form, here's the page the user sees." thingy. 

Public Web URL

Great work, guys. This will definitely satisfy the requirements I'll need soon - hoping that we will be able to seamlessly embed!

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Challenge #1

Hi Andrea O'Hara‌,

Thanks for your feedback. We only support HTTPS for images as we are like to restrict to secure content only - and we see a lot of people asking for the ability to upload images through Forms, so we will include this into the backlog.

Can you expand on your idea bout "Cancel color changes in styles"?

Have you had any ideas on how organisations may use Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud? Would this fulfill any customer requests recently?


Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Challenge #1

Hi ‌,

We are seeing quite a few people requesting the ability to resize controls much like responsive forms for Office 365. Something we are adding to our roadmap.

Also added to the roadmap is the global styles and field masking syntax. However we are also considering a specific email control which might make this even easier.

Have you had any thoughts on how you would use this in your company?



Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Challenge #1

OK ‌, what is your secret?  How did you get the little graphics next to the field labels?

Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Challenge #1

Hey team,

I've come to this from the other responsive preview for o365 so I found a couple of challenges, simply because I was used to that interface.


I found it hard to align elements and put them next to each other.  There didn't seem to be many visual cues to help put the image next to the heading but finally got it after hovering my mouse somewhat randomly.  Once I learnt how to do that I also tried to put the required date next to the date field.  I could put the date to the right of the toggle but not to the left for some reason.


Call the field description something like "helper text" otherwise people think it's just a description to help at design time, not at run time.


Things I thought were awesome:

  • I like the hidden icon to show when a field is defaulted to hidden - it's very clear!
  • Rules were SUPER easy to create - with multiple conditions and outcomes
  • It's great how built in validations such as max number show the error next to the field automatically.

Also as an aside, I didn't see any need to branch the workflow as the email can dynamically show the event type via the variable.  That is unless you've got something planned for challenge #2... While we're talking about workflow (instead of forms), I wish the create a text string action supported rich text.  I dynamically built the body of the email to show a date or not using this but it didn't support multiple lines.  In the end I've had to construct two different emails and that's not efficient.