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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Universal Forms replace the existing Responsive Forms?

Yes. When released, the Responsive Form selection button from the designer selection screen will go to Universal Forms. We will retain the existing Responsive Forms button and Universal Forms on the designer selection screen for a period of time to allow customers to adjust to the new designer.


What will happen to my existing Responsive Forms?

At release, any existing responsive form will continue to use the existing Responsive Forms technology. At a later date, Nintex will offer the ability to convert your existing Responsive Form to Universal Forms within the designer.


Will a rollback be supported if my conversion does not work?

Yes. Nintex will offer a rollback capability from Universal back to Responsive for a period of time. This will allow you to test Universal Forms with minimal inpact to your business processes. In the future, the existing Responsive designer will be retired for Universal Forms.


What will happen to Classic Forms?

Classic forms will remain as an option when designing a new form. We have no plans to remove the Classic designer.


Will the conversion capability support conversion from Classic to Universal?

The conversion will not support converting from Classic to Universal. Conversion can only be done between Responsive and Universal forms.


Can I use JavaScript in Universal Forms?

Our intent is to provide the controls and capabilities within the product without the need for JavaScript. Therefore Universal Forms will not support JavaScript. JavaScript functionality will remain available in Classic forms.


Can I use CSS in Universal Forms?

Universal Forms can be styled within the Style builder only and will not support custom CSS.


Are there any new features in Universal Forms?

As we rebuild each control, we are looking to improve the experience. This has allowed us to add new controls:

  • Geolocation control with Google maps API support
  • Signature control now supported in a web browser
  • Improved Formula builder
  • Improved Group control
  • Advanced rule builder


Are there any controls or features that responsive forms will not support? 
Yes, there are several controls that will not be supported in the responsive forms functionality, these include:

  • List View (Planned for a later release)
  • List item (Planned for a later release)
  • Print to PDF
  • Save as draft
  • External data column
  • Workflow diagram
  • Publish as a Live form
  • Border
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom CSS
  • Controls in use panel
  • Copy/paste control


Will Universal Forms support a Lookup control?

Yes. Will are planning to bring the same Lookup controls to Universal Forms.


Will Universal Forms allow querying Web services?

Web service queries is something we are working for a future release.


Will Universal Forms allow querying SQL?

No. Our preference is for the form to query using SQL web services rather than supporting direct SQL queries.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Frequently Asked Questions

What about Repeating Sections and Attachment control within a Repeating Section?
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Nintex Newbie

Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Hi @michaelbayrak,


Repeating section is nearing completion and will be able to put the File Upload and Signature control inside the repeating section.