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Nintex for SharePoint 2016 Release Notes


Release date: 3 March 2020

Combined installer version

Workflow product version:

Forms product version

Database version:

Tested on:

  • SP Service Pack/CU: January 2020
  • SQL Database: SQL Server 2017

Nintex Workflow


  • Improvements made to managing variables including ability to remove all unsed variables, view variable in use status and reordering variables.
  • Subscription report updated to include total number billable and non-billable workflows in farm, including number of billable and non-billable actions per workflow.

Security Fixes
  • Fixed potential vulnerability with deserialization of untrusted data (152377)


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed duplicate workflow task list when renaming task list in alternative language (133131)
  • Fixed blank action configuration page for user with SharePoint 2013 Foundation Server (161249)
  • Fixed issue where user not able to purge data due to Nintex Maintenance job not run (147895)
  • Fixed issue where workflow and actions not calculated when importing subscription license from perpetual license (163904)
  • Fixed namespace issue when using Xpath builder in Update/Query XML action (56486)
  • Fixed issue in Update document action where control value configuration cannot be deleted (102260)
  • Fixed error handling issue in Document Generation action where Boolean variable are not set correctly (144219)
  • Fixed issue in Send notification action where option for individually addressed notification does not work correctly for SharePoint group (134183)
  • Fixed mismatch metadata while copying document set to destination document library using Copy to SharePoint action (131869)
  • Fixed issue with Nintex Database where the index keys size exceeding supported size (132003)
  • Fixed missing button to create and manage workflow from custom list/document library ribbon (140335)
  • Fixed 403 Error in Nintex User Preference page for user using SharePoint Classic experience (147511)
  • Fixed issue with email content of task delegation of an action displayed with incorrect language (136924)  


Nintex Forms


Important information

  • Effective 13 September 2019 (the “End of Support Date”), Nintex will officially stop supporting Nintex Mobile deployed on Windows Tablet and Windows Phone. Nintex functionality that relies solely on a specific underlying operating system operated by a third party reflects the lifecycle of that underlying OS. Accordingly, as this Nintex Mobile functionality targets the Windows 8 platform that is currently in the end of its Microsoft lifecycle. Between the date of this notice and the End of Support Date, only applicable critical patches will be implemented.
    For additional detail, see Windows Tablet and Windows Phone End-of-Support Notice.
  • This release may include changes of some controls. If you are using custom JavaScript, it may require adjustments to your custom JavaScript.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a label may not connect to a Managed Metadata control (00277616; 00293481)
  • Fixed an issue where a user may be prompted for credentials on anonymous site (00308716)
  • Fixed an issue where a Single Line of Text on a repeating section with Decimal value may display the wrong information when viewing an item (00268684)
  • Fixed an issue where Nintex Forms may display an Ajax error when saving the form (00263534; 00274099; 00288764; 00294124; 00296130; 00299734; 00299581)
  • Fixed an issue where a page with the "Start Site Workflow" web part may not save as expected (00231542; 00292077; 00301380)
  • Fixed an issue where panels with hide rules may overlap (00310600; 00312780)
  • Fixed an issue where a form in a Nintex form web part in display mode may change to edit mode when the enter key is pressed (00287788)
  • Fixed an issue where a form using FBA and a People Picker control may not resolve AD Groups (00228035)
  • Fixed an issue where a Date Control may not allow the date to be entered in any format other than mm/dd/YYYY (00294556)
  • Fixed an issue where a Multi Line Textbox control configured to Append causes control overlap in Google Chrome (00244230)
  • Fixed an issue where a Responsive forms for a in a Turkish site may revert to Classic forms (00239077)
  • Fixed an issue where the ULS logs may display "An SPRequest object was reclaimed by the garbage collector" (00290903)
  • Fixed an issue where the workflow size increases when republishing a Workflow (00286434; 00303521)
  • Fixed an issue where the button order may not behave as configured (00302590)
  • Fixed an issue where the ribbon may not be displayed when a form is opened in dialog mode (00302360)
  • Fixed an issue where a form may not close when used in a Communications site (00301833)
  • Fixed an issue where the People Picker control would not return more than 10 results. This has been increased to 30 (00305935)
  • Fixed an issue where a Nintex Form using IsDlg=1 may not behave as expected (00306806)
  • Improved the protection against possible XSS attacks (00290464)
  • Fixed an issue where an error may be displayed that a folder already exists when creating a document set in a subfolder of a Document Library (00236944)
  • Fixed an issue where a validation rule may not work as expected on a hyperlink control (00201902)
  • Fixed an issue where validation messages may not appear when using a Link Button to perform a save (00192044)
  • Fixed an issue where Workflow Flexi task form may display an error (00271677)
  • Fixed an issue where the Single line of text workflow variable is not saving data when it is linked to Task form List lookup (00279774)
  • Fixed an issue where a Choice Control configured with 'Render as Buttons' may not behave as expected in View mode (00251385)
  • Fixed an issue where the Attachment Control was not correctly translated Arabic (00254083)
  • Fixed an issue where an error may be displayed when previewing a form in Site Workflow (00261860)
  • Fixed an issue where the SQL Request control may trim white space for text connected to field (00253508)
  • Fixed an issue where the convertToDate function may not resolve when the locale is not EN/US (00193621)
  • Fixed an issue where attachments can be added when the attachment control is disabled when using Chrome (00210755; 00280354)
  • Fixed an issue where a Task Form in SharePoint 2013 may not allow editing in 2010 Mode (00301170)
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Request control may not appropriately apply Customer headers in Chrome (00295178)



For previous release notes, refer to the following:

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