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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 - Release Notes

  • The release history outlines the key feature changes in the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 service. It is not an exhaustive list of enhancements or bug fixes.
  • This version supports English and Japanese
  • Some releases may take several days to complete the roll-out across all regions.


Release Date 21st September 2020


  • Fixed an issue with Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set action's created item URL in modern view (173046)


Release Date 10th September 2020


  • Fixed an issue with email attachment name containing special characters (187835)

  • Fixed an issue around displaying the multi-choice field values when used in a Document Generation template (171857)

  • Fixed an issue with importing a list workflow which is referencing to a calculated column in a non-English site (187832)



Release Date 7th September 2020


  • Updated Actionable Messages to use Microsoft Adaptive Card format with Signed card payload verification method.



Release Date 25th August 2020


  • Fixed an issue with workflow schedule where workflow is configured on a site with URL containing an ampersand (156070)
  • Fixed an issue with workflow suspending where attachments contains special characters (181150)



Release Date 5th August 2020


  • Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions enhanced with a new option to include the Initial task email attachments in Reminder and Escalation email notifications when Lazy Approval is enabled.
  • Added CC/BCC support for Reminder and Escalation notification emails.



  • Fixed an issue with force password change for Office 365 create user action (172600)



Release Date 6th July 2020


  • Fixed an issue with workflow execution on sites containing certain Japanese characters (131637).
  • Fixed an issue with Update Item Permission list lookup where the 'where' field is not retained when imported into a different site collection of same name (150504)
  • Fixed an issue with Update List Item where there selected column name starts with a number (156241)
  • Fixed an issue with opening a workflow where task list can not be found (109111)


Release Date 25th June 2020


  • Fixed an issue with Office 365 Query List action where filter set to a column containing ampersand (130699)

Release Date 19th June 2020


  • Fixed an issue with date field for Set Field in Current Item action where column contains Japanese characters (168297)



Release Date 9th June 2020

Security enhancements have been applied to the rich text editor and certain HTML tags are no longer supported. For more details, visit this help topic.


Release Date 20th May 2020

With this release, we have made new improvements to Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions!

  • Task attachments - Add attachments to the initial task email, enabling task participants to open and review attachments directly from the task email. Enable LazyApproval to view this option in the Initial email options section.
  • CC/BCC - Copy the initial task email to recipients who need to be notified but are not allowed to action or respond to tasks by adding them as CC/BCC recipients.
  • Task outcomes - Use of forced sentence case removed allowing use of all caps, all lowercase or title case for Task outcomes.



Release Date 5th February 2020

With this release we are excited to announce our new set of workflow actions that provide deep-level integrations with Microsoft Teams! Our new actions assists in delivering a formalized and managed processes to assist in introducing a level of governance and consistency around how organizations roll out Microsoft Teams. Some of the actions we provide with our new Teams integration include:

  • Create / Archive / Clone / Update a Team
  • Create Channels and Post to a Channel
  • Add Owners and Members to a Team
  • Add links to tabs (e.g. Nintex Forms and Promapp processes)

For the full list check out the action in the Integration category in the toolbox.


  • Also added improved cookie support for Chrome 80.


Release Date 16-20th January 2020

With this release we have introduced Workflow failure notifications:

  • Introducing the ability to receive email notifications when a production workflow fails. Workflows can be configured to send notifications to the last user who published the workflow and/or the Workflow owner. These new options are available in the workflow publish dialog box, and at least one option must be selected before the workflow is published for the notification to be sent. Note - this is a gradual rollout completing on the 20th January. 


Release Date 15th October 2019
  • With this release we have upgraded the Update Item Permission action to provide the ability to update a list item using a custom SharePoint permission.


Release Date 11th September 2019

With this release we have introduced Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign:

  • Allows for sending of agreements to multiple recipients
  • Ability to configure and combine multiple document templates for signing process
  • Support for various signing roles including signer, approver, acceptor, form filler, certified recipient and delegator
  • Support for various identify authorization modes including email, password, knowledge-base, Phone (sms), Adobe Sign login and Government ID
  • Ability to password protect signed agreements

Learn more about Nintex Sign or request a trial


Release Date 25 June 2019

With this release we have introduced:

  • Upgrade of the Office 365 update item permission action to allow the creation of secure connections using OAuth2 authentication.


Release Date 30 May 2019

With this release we have introduced:

  • Workflow task support for Nintex Mobile - task participants can now view and respond to workflow tasks via the Nintex Mobile app. To enable mobile tasks, ensure a Nintex Task form has been created for the relevant task actions. For Responsive forms, enable the new Nintex Mobile setting. For Classic forms, add a Nintex mobile layout. The latest version of the Nintex Mobile app is also required for this new feature. 


Release Date 4 April 2019

With this release we have introduced:

  • Action availability which provides Nintex Administrators the ability to configure which actions are available in the action toolbox for workflow designers to use. This capability is available in the Settings tab of the Workflow Gallery.​   As part of this update, the Nintex Store has been removed and all Nintex Live actions will automatically be made available in the action toolbox.


Release Date 17 October 2018

In this release we have introduced:

  • New administration and governance capabilities providing the ability to configure one or many administrators of Nintex Workflow. Nintex Administrators will be able to create and manage tenant-wide connections, as well as limit which users can publish workflows. 
  • A new Settings menu in the Workflow gallery page providing access to the administration capabilities, as well as a new General page for accessing the Connection creation and User profile settings (previously located in the cog dialog).


Release Date 4 October 2018

With this release we've introduced some additional improvements to the task actions as well the send an email action

  • Capture and retrieve task participants comments - in the Assign a Task or Start a Task actions, you can now easily store and retrieve comments made by all task participants when responding via LazyApproval, Nintex Forms or directly through SharePoint. 
  • Customize the display name and reply-to address - in the send an email action, you can now customize the From name displayed in email notifications and Reply-To email address when using the external email service.

  • Document generation - you can now add up to 50 templates (increased from 20) per action for Single PDF generation type.


Release Date 10 September 2018
  • With this release we've introduced some improvements to the task actions including the ability to customize the From name displayed in task notification emails as well as being able to hide or show the LazyApproval email footer. 


Release Date 3 September 2018
  • With this release we've introduced a set of actions to provide integration with Azure Active Directory, allowing workflows to retrieve individual user and manager AD properties. Also included are new actions to support creating, updating and disable users plus being able to assign or update a user's manager.
  • Browser support for Nintex Workflow and Forms updated to IE 11 (IE 9/10 removed) and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.


Release Date 2 May 2018
  • Introducing Component workflows allowing designers to create shared and reusable workflows that can be discovered and executed from other workflows across your tenant whilst assisting to promote standardization and business logic reuse across Nintex Workflow for Office 365. Furthermore, extends the platform by generating secure publicly addressable endpoints that any cloud service can use to call Component workflow


Release Date 17 April 2018
  • Updated Person or Group, Choice and Hyperlink Variables to allow the option to disable Initiation setting.

Release Date 8 February 2018


Release Date 11 January 2018

Conditional start nw365  nintex workflow for o365‌new features‌


Release Date 19 December 2017
  • With this release, navigating through the workflow will be easier with the introduction of the Designer Zoom In and Out

Release Date 12 October 2017

We have improved the Task actions with the introduction of 

    • Actionable messages which makes it easy to action tasks directly from a user's email
    • Task ID to enable querying of task information
  • Document Generation for European customers

    • The document generation action will process and generate all document in our European data centre for all Nintex tenants located in Europe.
Release Date 16 August 2017

A visual refresh to moderise the action and ribbon icons giving a more consistent experience between on-premises Nintex 2016 for SharePoint and Nintex for Office 365.

    • Refreshed Action icons
    • Refreshed ribbon icons


Release Date 24 July 2017

With this release those repetitive business processes can be initiated on a predefined schedule.

    • Scheduled workflow feature for site workflows. A range of start options is offered for scheduling repeated starts on a defined frequency.
    • Also an option to convert Word Fields to text in the Document Generation action.

Release Date 28 June 2017

This release will make designing and communicating workflow designs much easier.

    • Adding Action set

      • Action set to collect actions into a logical process step that can collapse into a single action representation on the canvas
      • Replaces App step to elevate privileges of all contained actions
      • Can contain child Action sets with their own elevated privilege settings
      • A parent Action set with elevated privileges elevates the privileges of all child Action sets and contained actions, irrespective of the child Actions set privilege setting.
    • Collapsible actions

      • All actions that create branches or contain other actions e.g. loops, can now be collapsed to a single action representation.

Release Date 19 April 2017
    • Document Generation - New Features (Action Upgrade)

      • Upgrade to existing action to provide capability to create custom documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF with data, images and tables dynamically merged into tagged templates

      • Provides multi-template support with conditional template inclusion

      • Advanced document tagging capabilities

      • Output single or multiple files (pdf or original format)

    • Disable Action

      • Ability to disable and enable actions within the Workflow designer

    • Support for Dynamic CRM 2016 (connector actions)
      • Ability to connect to Dynamic CRM 2016 Online and On-premises 
Release Date 29 March 2017
    • Import and Replace
      • The ability to import a workflow design to replace an existing workflow of the same name. Enables the development - test - production procedures that are favoured by many companies.
    • Start workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud
      • The ability to initiate a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud
    • Nintex Hawkeye Support
      • The ability to access and decorate workflows with Hawkeye actions to ingest Workflow data into Hawkeye.
Release Date 18 January 2017
    • Set workflow variable enhancement
      • Ability to set the value of multiple workflow variables in a single action


Release Date 20 July 2016
    • Open task forms in Edit mode
      • Ability to configure task forms to open directly in Edit mode, available in Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions


Release Date 15 June 2016
    • Added Adobe Sign digital signature capability
      • Integration with the Adobe Sign platform to support digital signature capture
      • Supports signature requests from single or multiple recipients
      • Supports templates stored in both Adobe Sign and SharePoint Online
      • Allows saving of signed documents as pdf back into SharePoint Online
Release Date 2 December 2015
    • Added Document Generation capability
      • Automatically assemble highly formatted documents 
      • Merge data from a workflow with Word, Excel and PowerPoint
      • Option to create documents in PDF
Release Date 4 November 2015
    • Added attachments and the capability to email outside the tenant to the Send an email action


Release Date 19 August 2015
    • Introduction of the Workflow Gallery entry page
      • See all workflow designs on the list or site that you are on
      • Create a new workflow or modify and existing workflow directly from the gallery
      • Delete any unwanted workflows directly from the gallery.
    • Adding Task escalation to Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions
      • Redirect (escalate) a task if it has not been actioned within the set deadline
      • Redirect to another person or group
      • Alternatively set the task to complete with a default outcome if not responded to within the deadline.


Release Date 30 July 2015
    • Introduction of Task Forms support for Nintex Workflow for Office 365
      • Create customised task forms for Workflow tasks (Start a Task Process & Assign a Task)
      • Requires updated version of Nintex Forms for Office 365 app (version


Release Date 21 July 2015
    • Added support for Collection Operations using a collection variable. Provides compatibility with the on-premises collection variable type of NW2013 and NW2010.
    • Added support for the Convert Value action, typically used to convert a string to a number or date.
    • Added support for the Filter action; providing compatibility with the on-premises Filter action.


Release Date 18 June 2015
    • Added support for Manager reference allowing the Workflow initiator's manager to be easy configured e.g. in a task notification.
    • Added Boolean And & Or into the filter configuration of actions to support compound filter logic.
    • Added labels onto the Conditional Branch action to make reading and following workflow logic easier.
Release Date 20 May 2015 - (Action Release)
    • Added support for the Query List action.


Release Date 22 April 2015
    • Added support for LazyApproval to the Assign a Task and Start a Task Process actions.
    • Added support for the Build String and Regular Expression actions.
    • Added support for the For Each action.
    • Added support for the Switch action.
    • Extended the Office 365 Create List Item to add the ability to create a document set and rename the action to
      Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set.



Release Date 18 March 2015 - (Action Release)
Release Date 16  February 2015
    • Added the ability to access user profile information within workflows with the Query User Profile action
    • Added support to Terminate Current Workflows from within a workflow branch that has executed because of set criteria
    • Added support for Terminating All Instances of a workflow, this can be used to clean up test workflows or other inactive or active workflows


Release Date 2  February 2015
    • Added branches and easy configuration to Assign a Task and Start a task process actions.
    • Added support for Web request and Execute SQL actions
    • Added support for Office 365 Create navigation action
    • Added support for MailChimp Unsubscribe from list, MailChimp Retrieve unsubscribed emails and MailChimp Retrieve list actions
Release Date 29th October 2014
    • Added actions for App Step and Microsoft Azure


Release Date 19th May 2014

    • Added support for State Machine actions (State Machines, Set Next State)
    • Added the ability to re-order State Machine branches within the designer
    • Added support for the RunIf actions
    • Added support for custom action labels
Release Date 28th January 2014
    • Updated the App version to in the SharePoint App Store.


Release Date 2nd January 2014
    • Added the ability for workflows to be imported/exported between Office 365 lists, libraries and sites.
    • Added an improved variable experience allowing variable creation from within an action dialog.
    • Added support for Initiator Token Display Name, Email and Login tokens.
    • Added the What's New page that is automatically displayed when a user logs in.


Release Date 19th September 2013

    • Initial release of version in the SharePoint App Store.
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