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Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation for Salesforce - Release Notes

The release history outlines the key feature changes in Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation for Salesforce. It is not an exhaustive list of enhancements or bug fixes.


March 3, 2020 - Version 1.10.4

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Our Nintex Workflow Lightning Component will no longer cause other Lightning Page Components to collapse or disappear.
  • Corrected a couple of visual issues introduced with changes to the Salesforce Lightning Design System from the Winter '20 release.

September 30, 2019 - Version 1.10.2

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Updated the Free Trial form for users that are new to Drawloop DocAutomation and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

September 9, 2019 - Version 1.10.1

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Security update to how forms are retrieved in the Lightning Component.


August 5, 2019 - Version 1.10

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Added support for EU hosted Nintex Workflow Cloud tenants 


June 7, 2019 - Version 1.9

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Performance improvements. .


August 28, 2019 - Version 1.8.1

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Updates to the Designer to allow for continued and future support of new features.


June 2, 2019 - Version 1.8

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Forms displayed in the Lightning Component will no longer be cutoff.


February 7, 2018 - Version 1.7.1

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Dates will now be displayed in the Salesforce User's defined default setting. 
  • Corrected the page title when reconnecting your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant or user account.
  • Performance Improvements


January 9, 2018 - Version 1.6

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • An ugly auth error message will no longer appear when connecting your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant while on the Instance tab of the application.
  • Added visual feedback in the Lightning Component to indicate when forms are loading.
  • Instance activities will now display the "Expired" status when applicable.
  • Only one loading visual appears now when the workflow Designer is opened.
  • Actions buttons, such as when terminating an instance, will now be disabled to avoid multiple clicks which may cause unintended results.
  • The form submit success message will no longer be stuck displayed in the Connect Tenant flow in the rare cases you quickly sign up for a free trial, and then quickly connect and disconnect your tenant.
  • Terminating an instance from the Instance tab will now show one loading icon when refreshing the page, not two.
  • Salesforce Admins installing the application will now be assigned the correct permission set.
  • "Standard" user types only be will shown in the Application Access section on the Configuration Tab.
  • Prevented the rare case of assigning both permission sets to a user.
  • After terminating an instance from the Instance Details page, the page will now completely reload with updated information.
  • The "X" for closing modals is now visible again.
  • The popover to display instance information in the Lightning Component should now appear properly when hovering or clicking the instances count button.
  • Performance Improvements
  • Security Fixes


December 1, 2017 - Version 1.5.1

Updates / Bugs & Other Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the action menu for the last item on the Instances tab would be cut off
  • Error messages should no longer appear when quickly switching between tabs in the application. 


November 7, 2017 - Version 1.5


  • Salesforce Admins can now install a managed package in their org, and connect to the Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. 
  • Sign up for a free Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant
  • On the Dashboard: View recently modified workflows and their drafts, and the total number of workflow instances running, completed, failed, or terminated in the last 30 days. Quick button to launch workflow designer to create a new workflow. 
  • On the Workflows Tab: View list of all workflows and they drafts. Quick button to launch workflow designer to create a new workflow. 
  • On the Instances Tan: View a list of instances with menu option to filter and show all, running, completed, failed, or terminated instances. Also view instances details with an option to terminate running instances. 
  • On the Configuration Tab: Ability to disconnect your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant or user. Assign application access to Admins (allows access to the Nintex Workflow for Salesforce app) or Users (allows access to the Lightning Component). Quick link to Admin and Developer, and Connections pages in the connected Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. 
  • Lightning Component available to add to your Lightning page layouts. Lightning Component will display workflows with running instances, and forms from the new start event (details below). 
  • New start event - Nintex Workflow for Salesforce form. Allows you to display a form in the Lightning Component
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