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Announcement | Microsoft Teams in Nintex Workflow Cloud | 8th November 2019

We are excited to announce our new set of workflow actions that provide deep-level integrations with Microsoft Teams!


Our new connector allows you to develop formalized and managed processes to assist in introducing a level of governance and consistency around how organizations roll out Microsoft Teams.


Beyond roll out, we also help manage the life cycle of a Team, both from adding and removing team members and channels all the way through archiving a Team when it's no longer in use.


Just some of the actions we provide with our new Teams integration include: 

  • Create / Archive / Clone / Update a Team
  • Create Channels and Post to a Channel
  • Add Owners and Members to a Team
  • Add links to tabs (e.g. Nintex Forms and Promapp processes) 


For the full list check out the new Microsoft Teams connector category in the toolbox or read more about it on our new blog post.


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