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wrong metadata in workflow after moving the document



I have a problem regarding metadata in the workflow after I have moved a file using the sharepoint webservice.
the workflow is an approval process on a document library, and it's the document itself that's approved. I use the "Attach file from workflow" to push the document in the "Task Notification"-mail. Usefull when the users are on the road.


Now, an additional requirement is to add more files (documentation and numbers regarding the document) related to the document. I have solved this by having the workflow creating a folder and moving the document to this location. Users can manually upload additional files to this folder.

The problem is that it seemes Nintex loose control of the document metadata once I move the file. When I have the "Attach file from workflow" after I have moved the file, the workflows is cancelled with an error message saying it can't find the file


Any suggestion how I can have the documents bundled without messing ut the workflow, or alternativ fixing the metadata-problem.


Ole-Jakob K

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