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using Nintex form controls over SharePoint columns

Just wondering what is the advantage of using Nintex form Controls over SharePoint Columns, one thing that I noticed is, when I use Nintex form controls, in the SharePoint list view I see only Title filed, but when I create SharePoint Columns to use in the form than I'm able to see the list of columns I created in the SharePoint list, I need to know the best practice to use one method over another? also just thinking that if I created one filed using Nintex form controls will I'm able to search the data based on its filed name? or how can i retrieve all the data from that particular filed?

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Re: using Nintex form controls over SharePoint columns

Nintex forms does not create columns in SharePoint like Microsoft's InfoPath did/does as its a different product.

Columns should be created in SharePoint for any data that you want from the form to be entered into SharePoint.

Other controls can be added to the form to display information from other resources to give the user a richer experience but this information is not submitted to the SharePoint list unless a column is created for it and linked.

When using a default SharePoint form you can only use the controls relating to existing columns where Nintex Forms allows you to display more information that could assist the user in completing the form.

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