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Nintex Newbie

unable to add user to a security group in AD

Am able to add a user in any OU but unable to assign the user to a security group . It does not  matter whether I assign the variables dynamically or hardcode it (i.e the user and the relevant security group name) ,  the end result is the same .

- error adding user to AD group . There is no such object on the server .

I'm using the nintex Add user to AD group object .

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: unable to add user to a security group in AD

Would there be a permission issue with the account you are using to add the User as a member?

Additional Notes about this action

Options within this action

Active Directory Details


To configure the LDAP Path, refer to the LDAP Picker for more information.

Add User to AD Group


The username (sAMAccountName) of the Active Directory entry.


The name of an existing Group to which the user will be added. E.g. "Backup Operators". Multiple groups can be separated with semi-colons (;). 

Error the workflow if the user already exists in the group

Selecting this option will cause the workflow to error if the user already exists in the group. By default this option is checked.

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