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Nintex Newbie

set multi-select lookup field from collection values



I am creating a workflow in order to pre-fill specific attribute values into a corresponding document's multi-select lookup column. In doing so, I want to auto detect appropriate attribute values respective to the (sub)folder location where the file was dropped into.


So, when a user drops a file into a (sub)folder within my document library, I check if the (sub)folder string consist of certain words managed within the appropriate SharePoint list. When matches are found, I put the found word(s) into a collection variable colAttributeValues. These values I want to insert into the dropped element's multi-select lookup field.


1st try

I though that a multi-select field would resemble a collection (i.e. a list type variable), but I can't choose any collection variable from my workflow variables list within the "set a field value" action for the corresponding multi-select lookup column. Only single-valued variables are shown.


2nd try

I then tried to convert the collection values from colAttributeValues into a single line (string) strAttributeValues by using a "for each" action on my collection value and concatenate each of the collection elements, separated by a semicolon ";" character. Although there doesn't seem to be a syntax error, the format <value>;<value2>;<value>;... within the string does not seem to fit to be fed into a multi-select lookup field. Within SharePoint's workflow information screen I see an "unknown error" saying that the element couldn't be updated, as at least one of the element's columns would require a different information type.


Is there a way to feed values from a collection into a multi-select lookup field of an element? What specific format should I use?


Thanks in advance.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: set multi-select lookup field from collection values

I found out when creating an EXCEL-Export of the multi-select lookup element, that the element format expected by the SharePoint element would rather be <value1>;#<index1>;#<value2>;#<index2>;#... but I couldn't figure out, how SharePoint would accept the input string from my workflow's "set value" block. There is still the error mentioned within my former post.


Any ideas?

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