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"Task Reminder" Causes Workflow to fail


I have several workflows where I want users to input data and complete their task so I used the "Request Review" option (i do not want to give them the ability to reject or to provide a different outcome). I then created a parallel method to send task reminders. However, this is causing my workflow to randomly fail. See below screenshots.

What is causing this?? How can I resolve?

Do i have too many task reminders set up? The workflow "completed" the task reminder, went to my set variable, and "cancelled" my task.

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Re: "Task Reminder" Causes Workflow to fail


I would check the Action ID that you have defined in the config of the Task Reminder relates to the specific Program Manager review task. Although, I would think the regardless of the reminder setup, the parallel action should not be progressing to the set Date action until both branches are completed - that is by design. Are you able to turn on the verbose logging to be able to debug exactly what is transpiring when the workflow runs?



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Re: "Task Reminder" Causes Workflow to fail

try to add short pause before the reminder to make sure task is already created when reminder is about to send

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