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"Request Data" in reusable sitecollection WF is not showing Nintex Edit form of custom content type

A different behaviour is observed when using "Request Data" action inside a "List WF" vs "reusable site collection WF".

A LIST WORKFLOW with "Request Data" action is created and published.  During publication the "Request Data "action will create a custom Task Content Type in the WF Task List + creates the Edit form (aspx) for this custom task CT inside the WF Task List.
GOOD RESULT: when user opens the "Request Data" Task, the custom Nintex edit form is displayed.

When the "Request Data" action is used inside a Reusable Site Collection WF, and the WF is published.

The custom EDIT form is not available/generated at any time: not created when publishing, not created when assigning the reuseable WF to a list.

BAD RESULT: When end-user opens the task, the default Task edit WF is shown, and NOT the Nintex custom edit form.

I know probably the root cause of this problem:  A difference between list WF and site collection WF is that during publishing of the WF with "Request Data"-action:

- The associated Task List is know in case of a List WF, so Nintex will (re)create the custom edit form & custom CT.

- The associated Task List is not know in case of a Site collection WF, so Nintex is not able to (re)create the custom edit form & custom CT.

Only when the Site Collection WF is assigned to a List, then the associated Task WF is know, but the custom form is not generated.

How can it be solved that "Request Data" actions from within a "reusable Sitecollection WF" uses the custom Nintex edit form?

I can think of some workarounds:

- Don't use reusable site collection WF

- Do some manual copying of CT edit form apsx page and powershell scripting...

... but I want to avoid these workarounds.

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