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Nintex Newbie

progressing a workflow and using a state machine

I am new to building workflows and know what i want to do but only guessing I am on the right path, so please explain if there is another way to do what i need without coding (because I have no coding skills and cannot import code I don't understand into a corporate environment)

I am using the framework of a State Machine to collect data from a relationship manager, move it on to a sales specialist to add qualifying information then on to processing teams with a reject/amend alternative at each stage. 

To start I have assigned a flex-task to a workflow and built a form with a Choice Control in the Flexi-Task.

The Choice Control is linked to a variable to store the outcome which I anticipate will be used for a Switch function that determines which Product branch the process will take. 

I need to collect data on a form, but don't need the same person to approve it - just take the data/results from the relationship manager and move to the next workflow step where that person will either reject or add their own details.


1. What action determines the next step? I am worried if I don't provide an Accept , does the "ok/submit" button push the data through and if so, will the workflow then move on to the next step or does the user need to take some action?

2. If I remove the Approve/Reject outcomes will this stop the workflow? I am confused about how push the workflows through to the next stage or 'reject' back to an alternate/previous branch for processing.

attn Nintex: I would really appreciate an example of how to move a workflow through various stages and using a state machine.

thank you!


p.s. (attached is what I believe the workflow should look like at a higher level.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: progressing a workflow and using a state machine


I understood that you have two steps. First you want a user A to enter some data. Afterwards the workflow progresses to user B who approves or reject the workflow. Did I get this right?


If so I'd go with two steps. First step is a "request data" action for User A. This will generate a task for User A making the workflow wait for completion of this task. Create a Task Form for that action and let the user provide the information you want and store it to a workflow variable. As it is a "request data" action there will be no approve/reject options and the user only has the option to complete the task.


Check that variable's value in a switch and send an approval task by using a flexi action for the appropriate approver. The form for Task 2 can now include the variable provided by User A.


I added a snippet. Does this make sense?

Best regards




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