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Nintex Newbie

problem adding system.transactions timeout setting

Hello all. I am having a timeout issue with web service calls in my wfs. I tried adding the system.transactions timeout value to my web.config files (as it was not defined) and it actually made things worse. Here are the details.


Problem: the first 1-2 wfs with a web service call each day timeout. Regular wfs work fine.

       "Failed to invoke Microsoft Exchange web service. Error returned from server: The operation has timed out"

Reason: I believe it is because the app pool is set to recycle each day at 2am.

Action: I followed this article

I added this:

    <defaultSettings timeout="00:30:00" />

to the web.config for both WFEs just before


This was done via right click-Explore on each site in IIS. After I updated the files I first tried start/stop in the IIS GUI. The following morning all the wfs that I submitted with the web service errored. So I went ahead and ran iisreset in the admin command prompt. Submitted some more test wfs and all errored again. Rebooted both servers. Still didn't work. So I finally restored the old web.configs, restarted IIS and then it was back to only the first 1-2 erroring.


I have logged a call with support and they said I did everything correctly. The tech is asking around to see if there is anything else I can try but since this is a SharePoint thing I imagine I'll be out of luck. Is there anything else I can try?


Support suggested this warm up script because of the nightly App Pool recycle so I am looking into this as I'm fairly new and not clear on how everything we set up.



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