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oReusable Workflow Template and Tasks Forms

Good Morning

I am still evaluating Nintex for a Proof of Concept for a client.

I have created a new content type (let's call it Project) and I have associated a Nintex Form. Everthing is working correctly.


I need now to create a Reusable Collection Workflow Template and I need to associate it to the Content Type, so no matter the content type Project is generated, subsites included, I can trigger an approval workflow.

I have therefore created a new Site Collection Workflow template that contains a Review Task and I have created Nintex workflow task. Then I have associated it to the content type (Site Settings-> Site Content Type->Project->Workflow settings).

As expected, I can create the new content type association and I can now trigger a template on a new item created in a subsite.

The problem is that when I open a task form, I receive the following message:


The content of this item will be sent as an e-mail message to the person or group assigned to the item.

The form is referencing a field that does not exist. Please notify the form designer.

Version: 1.0

Content Type: Nintex Workflow Task using Nintex Forms

Created  at 8/22/2014 12:57:45 PM by Administrator


Please note that I have also created a REALLY simple workflow (1 Review Task and nothing more) and I have published it with all default settings, biut it ends up with the same issue. I am also unable to find any reference in the log to see what is missing.


Note 2: if I remove the Nintetx task form, I can open the task without problem but of course I get the simple sharepoint form. I would like to use the Nintex form.

Thank you for any help in solving this puzzle



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Re: oReusable Workflow Template and Tasks Forms


May I know how you design your Nintex Forms? By List itself or Review Task action itself?

I tried with simple scenario, task form opened without any problem in my end.

What I tried is:

1. Create Content Type "Project Item"

2. Create Reusable Workflow Site Collection Template > Add Request Review action

3. Configure Request Review and Edit the task form by using Nintex Forms

4. Create a list and associate Project Item content type

5. Associate the created Reusable Workflow Site Collection workflow template as workflow in the list

6. Start the workflow and complete the task without any problems.

Hope helps!

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Workflow Hero

Re: oReusable Workflow Template and Tasks Forms

Hi ‌,

have you been able to solve your issue after previous suggestions? If yes, could you mark that answer as correct, otherwise, if you remember after this long time, could you post what issue have you still encountered and how have you solved them?


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