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nintex 2010 workflow tasks

I would like some more details on how to configure the 'assign-to-do task' in the action tab.  I am not understanding the 'content type', 'field', 'title', 'store task IDs in' configuration and the options I have for completing the task.  The help button does not provide much information on this.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: nintex 2010 workflow tasks

with a content type you can define and require further fields to be shown on task form and make task assignee to provide a values for these fields. without providing a content type assignee will only be able to confirm the task is done or not, but not to provide any extra info.

'Field' dropdown allows you to select single fields of a content type and configure for each which workflow variable its value should be saved to after task is responded.

since 'Title' field of a content type is mandatory, nintex automatically made and entry for it.

with 'Store task IDs' you can configure that you get returned into a collection variable list of all the task IDs (from workflow task list) created by the action.

imagine you assign the task to 5 assignees or to a group with 5 members and set 'Create individual tasks'. the will get back collection of 5 task ID which can help you to identify items in workflow task list which belongs to that specific task action.

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